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Not much to say, other than I live in Michigan (USA!), & I am working on a text adventure game with sound, called Realm of Obsidian. I love MOD music and have been listening to it since the early 90's.

Okay, I'll add that I plan to put in little capsule reviews & ratings of my favorite "oldies" that should be recognized & appreciated for what they were (and are!). If I manage to have a few more listeners tune in to artists such as Daniel Falk, Heatbeat, 4mat, Gnosis, Necros, Skaven, Purple Motion (well, you probably already know about him!) and others, well then my job is done. If anyone wants to wax poetic about the classics from yesteryear, then by all means, drop me an email.

PS - I do like some newer mods, from artists like Florian Steinberg and DJ Awais, but I'm a bit behind with the newer stuff. It's fun playing catch-up though!

- Amy

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