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To start with, I miss the old look of this site :(

My real name is Clement Saggers, but when I do my music I call my self The Music Wizard (I think I am a little crazy, but then we all are).

I have put all my old songs here too, if the songs file name starts with "MW_", that's is one of my old ones I uploaded to this site many years ago. My new songs sound waaaaaaaaaaay better than the old stuff I did and I will be uploading them in a few days.

Don't judge my talent by my old songs, I was new to the tracking world when I made them.

You can also catch me on YouTube, under the name of cooldudeclem, where I do videos of electronic projects, computers and some random stuff, there's a link to my blog there too.

I like to re-make old game tunes, as well as do my own compositions.

I am into Chiptunes, Blues, Light Rock, Classic Rock, Jazz, some Country, some Classic, and some Pop.

I am NOT into Satanic Rock, Death Metal, Jungle or Drum & Bass
These angry songs aren't music, there just nasty.

I am not into Hip-Hop, Club, Techno, Rave, Trance, Jungle, Hardcore or House
these bleak, depressing and angry songs are not music, there just noise.

Music should have some level of complexity in it and is to be listened in awe, today's commercial songs are all made out of synthetic sounds, usually nothing more than a pounding bass drum and sad sawtooth wave chords, that simple stuff is not exactly what I call music. The problem is the music industry has brainwashed today's youth into thinking that that is the kind of thing that's cool. I don't think it is, today's "music" makes me feel angry and depressed, I think its one of the causes of why the world is like it is today, go into a music store, and this is all you will find, it's terrible, they never sell the good stuff anymore.

I am trying to make it my mission to make people re-discover what music is.

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