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Just another inactive ModArchive user, I don't plan to be active in the future, but you can follow my social media elsewhere.. I used to collect and listen to mods religiously, but the reality is is that mods are a dying species, and instead of dialup speeds that used to take 4 minutes for a good tracker to download [and a massive gambit to take considering the costs] we all now have the luxury to point our web browsers to a website and search millions of songs in a matter of seconds.. It may be overlooked what mods are today but in reality internet speed now are enough to make us overlook what people had to live through in the past..

I don't plan to make mods since it's far too easy to power up FL studio, load some VSTs and start clicking on random buttons to get a nicely sequenced song that's decent enough to never use milkytracker again.. But one day... Just one day.. I'll think about it..

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