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  • 12th April 2010
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Speechless / Collapze

I began tracking in 96-97, first attempts were made in ProTracker for the Atari ST.
Later I got myself an Atari Falcon and multichannel were available in form of
Graoumf Tracker! (Some of those tunes were converted to Fasttracker format.)
I have learned later that GT is also avalible for the Windows platform.

Back then I was known to the (atari)scene as Opus (of Collapze), but due to military obligations my Falcon
was sold and the sceneactivities put to rest..

After this I've been using Fasttracker and Sk@le-tracker sporadically :)
And with the change of platform the change of nick followed.

But I've been somewhat schizophrenic on that point ;-)
Probably because the Falcon returned to my nest and I've
actually managed to release a musicdisc for it!

Sidetracked by Collapze at Pou√ęt

As you can notice, since then it has been awfully quiet.. I've tried tracking once in a while but I seem to be lacking the right inspiration, and my kids are taking most of my spare time.
Anyhow, I felt like updating this profile a bit and share the "remastered" versions of sum tunez (done with cooledit back in the haydays;).

Google drive

Have fun!

Again, not much has happened but as per usual the tunes I make I upload here so you can see for yourself how active I've been ;)

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