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  • 28th December 2021
  • 17th February 2011
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Matthew Simmonds, also known as 4mat or 4-Mat, is best known for his chiptunes. Most of his music is found in the form of tracked music files (modules). He began his career in the demoscene of the early ’90s, progressing to commercial games where he has worked on titles released by Konami and EA. 4-Mat’s latest work can be found on his Facebook page.

4mat's messages

Last 10 messages:
From: Zeb
01:51 on 23rd December 2023

Incredible music. Admired your tunes from the early Amiga days. Please don't stop!

From: SrNweo
16:26 on 15th March 2022

I love you!

From: Lime Tuna
19:15 on 23rd April 2021
Lime Tuna

This guy has made so many classics, what a legend.

From: Andy Abstract
02:08 on 14th March 2015
Andy Abstract

The demoscene is a much better place for 4-Mat's offerings. Highly recommended.

From: TheoX
10:52 on 7th June 2011

Probably my favorite chiptune musician. Old and new tunes are both splendid.

From: Feryl
14:48 on 28th February 2011

He definitely deserves it.

From: analogmoz
10:03 on 22nd February 2011

The best. No room for argument.

From: m0d
22:36 on 17th February 2011


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