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Thank you and welcome.

I have been listening to mod files since I discovered them in 1992 on a local BBS to my area called "Gateway BBS" in the Detroit, MI, USA metro area. They had a CD tower that they would load with discs that had tons of files on it. Ranging from applications, to freeware, to... you guessed it... mod files.

Shortly after I emptied their resources, I found they had a Unix shell you could call up and get on the inet to FTP to get more mod files. I've been a fan ever since.

I have little talent myself for being able to compose music, but I have a distinctive style I enjoy listening to. Could I ever classify it, probably not.

Currently I work in the IT field (surprise!). I have held many positions, too many to get into. I consider myself OG, which is Original Geek. I do have a geek code and I know how to use it. It may be a bit outdated since the last I looked it over, but it doesn't change much over the years.

Ninja Edit: The geek code is incomplete, probably due to some coding issues when i copy and paste it. I may fix it at one point. Then again I may not.

Version: 3.1
GO d-( ) s: a C ( )$ U--- P-- L- !E W ( ) !N !o K- w( )$ O- M V? PS PE( ) Y PGP t-( )@ 5 X- R( ) tv b- DI D G e> h(---) r y

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