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  • i Modules in Archive: 48
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  • i Total Downloads: 249434
  • i Stats Updated: 2024-06-12 05:20:21
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Jeroen -WAVE- Tel was spotlit on:

  • 19th October 2012
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From: DJ Sylv3on
01:11 on 2nd December 2013
DJ Sylv3on

Hey Jeroen, big time fan of your work here. I was wondering if I i could request permission to use a couple of your tunes to make a songpack for the PC Dance Dance Revolution Clone Stepmania. I will give full credit where it is due.

Thanks in Advance

DJ Sylv3on

From: Beyond
22:19 on 11th April 2013

Hey you! Is it Ok if I have your song "1999" in a compilation album I call "Tracked music vol.1" which I'll release for free on my website calleedlund.se? In a .txt file I'll include the samp/message text but exclude any e-mail etc - I'm gonna release the modules in both mp3 and module format in order to make some good tracked music easily available to everyone

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