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From: Beyond
06:47 on 1st December 2014

I'm from Sweden

From: Robyn
21:44 on 5th November 2014

Thank you! I'm from England! :)

From: wabe
11:10 on 22nd July 2011

Thanks for the comments! I like to think youtube as a beta state for my tunes, since there is way to reupload/remove your song any time you want. Once I am totally happy with the tune, I will upload to modarchive. If you want chat about music or anything, I am usually hanging around on irc #raccoons@quakenet. Also, I uploaded the original XM's here: www.personal.inet.fi/cool/wabe/newtunes.rar

From: wabe
23:33 on 3rd July 2011

Hey GenVox! Just wanted to say that I decided to release some of our songs at youtube, and will be uploading new songs there as soon as we get them finished. Here is link to my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/wabeti?feature=mhee

From: wabe
18:11 on 20th June 2011

Thanks again for detailed review on twogoesone! I did not uploaded it here since I don't like some of its parts. Also, I was kinda unable to continue working on it because I was afraid of. Every time I listen it through, my left ear starts to hurt, for real. I wonder if you have had similar experiences?

From: wabe
05:00 on 16th June 2011

My first advice for you would be to find some composing software which suits your needs and learn how to use it. Once you know how to use the program, you can start to practicing this musical stuff like melodies and such.

From: wabe
04:58 on 16th June 2011

Personally I don't have any musical knowlegde such as instrument playing skills like piano or guitar. I just learned from other people music the basics and started to work on my own tunes. I usually replace the notes in my tunes until they sound good to my ear. It is pretty time consuming, but it is worth it :)

From: wabe
04:50 on 16th June 2011

I just started to play around with this tracker program called MilkyTracker, which very good program if you want to compose chiptunes. I started by examining other people chiptunes and how each sound was being produced. You can actually see every module's notes in that program, which is awesome.

From: wabe
21:42 on 14th June 2011

Thanks again for the reviews, much appreciated!

From: wabe
01:16 on 8th June 2011

2 other chiptunes should show up in my "modules" section as soon as they get accepted by modarchive. Be sure to check my profile info for 2 extra songs you might have not heard yet!

Link for the not uploaded tune:

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