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  • 12th October 2012
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My name is Grzegorz Galek, nickname DoubleGJ. Born 1988, I have been using Modplug Tracker since 2002, starting with simple editing of songs from Epic Games' productions, most notably Jazz Jackrabbit. Over time I started writing actual remixes of the Jazz Jackrabbit songs, learning much about music writing in the process. I had no musical education and barely any practice beforehand, but over the course of years spent on meddling with the program, I learned to produce sufficiently good songs. Nowadays, I mostly moved on and use other music production software, but I still have a soft spot for modules and write something in Modplug Tracker from time to time. Most often, these are Gameboy Advance game songs, hand-rewritten from listening, but I do also write a few original songs.

And just to make it clear, I release my regular songs under the "band" name Two Games Joined, but for the modules I use my personal moniker, DoubleGJ.

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