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Have been into modules since I was a kid. Made some of my own and they're really basic but have some neat moments sometimes. In the past years I've still occasionally opened up OpenMPT to compose something random, and it's been more enjoyable and fulfilling than when I was younger and would sometimes make something extremely formulaic just for the sake of posting it here or on my Bandcamp. Looking back, the few things I did make that were kinda cool were things where I was experimenting and learning how to do stuff, and the rest were pretty garbo because there wasn't really any expression in them or anything. Took me a while to figure out that if you're just trying to make music to act like you're part of some club, you're not actually making music.

I'm glad this site is still around, and also glad OpenMPT is still actively maintained (and improved with cool new features, no less!).

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From: m0d
03:22 on 13th May 2014

Hi! Just randomly checked out your profile, noticed your comment re MPTM format - support for it heavily depends on the ability for people to play it back on standalone players with not VSTi plugins, or the likes. Formats that exceed the modular format are what keep them from being considered classic formats. The legacy of this site has a rigid idea of what its about, that too factors in. Saga (who develops OpenMPT) is a staff member here, so I'm sure he can come up with some infos about that at some point. Woop! Keep on trackin!

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