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Born September 1978.

Practiced Accordion at the age of 12. Havent played in almost 15 years, hoping to get back into it.

First started composing with Tackers in 1992 on Commodore Amiga 500 with 1MB expansion 10MB external Hard disk. Then moved onto PC when sound card technology greatly improved.

Also as a side hobby, i record and edit sound effects for use in computers games, and have built up quite a large collection.


I am currently recording instrument samples from my Accordion.

80 Bass 5 Voice Accordion

Pitch range = G lower to G upper (3 Octave)
Keyboard = 7 Registers
Bass = 2 Registers
Bass Chords = Single - Major - Minor - 7th (this accordion does not have a diminished chord row)

If you would like to use the samples when available please let me know.

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