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Hello there!

You may already know me from Twitter. If not, well, now you do.

Public email address for spam contact purposes: nilsding@rrerr.net

Frequently asked questions:

Do you make YTPMVs?
I used to make them somewhen in 2010/2011, but since I've closed my YouTube account I stopped making them.

What software do you use?
I'm using Linux and FreeBSD. KDE is my prefered desktop environment and Firefox is the browser of choice.
I have several trackers installed, MilkyTracker and SunVox, to name a few. Most of the time I just play around with them. Productive tracking? Not a chance!

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Last 10 messages:
From: Ponyboy
22:46 on 1st February 2013

you make ytpmv?

From: mea-tysev
09:23 on 11th May 2012

Oh okay then, sorry. :P

From: mea-tysev
06:47 on 5th May 2012

...why you clop?

From: mea-tysev
10:22 on 31st March 2012

Rainbow Dash ftw :D

From: Big Bag Of Chips
12:44 on 30th March 2012
Big Bag Of Chips

You look kinda familiar, do you make or watch any ytpmvs?

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