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  • 18th January 2012
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***EDIT*** I'm currently taking a break from uploading due to some reason I rather keep private. HAPPY TRACKING!

I'm a 17 year old boy from Denmark

A few years ago I started listning to oldskool chippies and now adays it's the only music-genre that I listen to.
After some time listning to chiptunes, I started to watch demos, intros and cracktros wich eventually made me fall in love with the demoscene.
I felt like I had to contribute to the scene but I couldn't really code and I was a horrible graphican and it was chiptunes that got my attention at first glimpse, so it really felt natural that I began to track.
I don't have that much experience, but I guess every body start somewhere.
I've been tracking for a trainer group called dEViATED.

My favourite musicians are:
Purple Motion
and many more...

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From: Drozerix
19:29 on 22nd August 2012

Hey you got some good music, keep up the old school! :D

From: Roz
13:38 on 28th May 2012

Thank you for your comment and rating - they were very much appreciated. Keep on trackin'

From: Led Zargus To: Led Zargus
23:18 on 22nd March 2012
Led Zargus

Led Zargus: Nice music by the way.

Re: Oh don't worry. Most people don't comment back anyway.

From: Led Zargus
18:53 on 8th March 2012
Led Zargus

Oh don't worry. Most people don't comment back anyway.

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