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Born in 1980, I started tracking in '95 and occasionally made really lame gfx (ANSI, ASCII and 2D/3D) for some boards. I was most active 1996-1997 and never went to any parties (until I joined the #hack.se demo group in 2002) so all my old music has just been laying around on old drives until now. Since I was 15-16 years old when I made most modules, song messages (and, uh... the actual mods) are REALLY lame. Consider them jokes!

98% of all samples are ripped, mostly from Purple Motion/FC, LizardKing/Triton, C.C.Catch, members of Pepper, Edge/EMF, Basehead/Kosmic, Zodiac/Cascada, Diablo/STR and lots and lots of people. Thank you for your excellent samples and your inspiring music!

Regarding different handles;
I first went by the handle "sabre" until I bumped into Sabre/Elysium. I didn't want to change again so I decided on something that was unlikely to be taken, "soulariuz". (Ngh...) After that I changed a bunch of times until settling for my current handle.

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