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There are people who were in the demoscene that made something of their time there. They went on to great things, made a career out of it - started bands, write music for video games, you name it.

And there were quite a few kids like me - it was a great hobby, a way to deal with troublesome teenage emotions, to connect with a bunch of other kids who had some raw talent and wanted to be part of something bigger than themselves, but that was about it.

I was active in the 'scene from 1995 to 1999, mostly on EFNet. I only tracked, and was involved in music-only groups. It was a way to deal with the tumultuous teenage emotional rollercoaster that existed back then.

My 'raw talent' was mostly brute force - other people took hours to do things that took me days to carve out of the stone, with lots of trial and error until it sounded right - and with a whole new crop of people around me to interact with, be connected on dial-up until 2AM conversing with the scene kids, being an 'also-ran' held less attention than it did.

Last time I came back to the scene, it was a shell of its former self, with only a few caretakers keeping the lights on. The technical prowess of "oh look what cool music I can make in a couple megabytes" doesn't matter much when gigabytes are cheap, and people demand high-quality sound from professional tools.

I still have everything I've ever written, and a pile of tracks from other authors active around the same time I was.

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From: m0d
17:27 on 2nd May 2014

Hi, I noticed you had not got an artist account and you had favourited your own modules to (sort of) attach them to your profile. I have removed the favourites and instead attached the modules correctly to your profile. Now that you have an artist account you can do this in future using Artist Area->Manage My Modules, then find the link at the top of the page 'Claim Ownership'.


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