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  • 23rd June 2013
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i am goluigi also known as GOLGI and GOLGI APPARATUS on other places

helo i made a WEBSITE ! http://largeclock.services/ thanks savestate for buying me the domain..... (only this is up to date since 24 january 2015)

i make songongongongongs and i hope u like them :)))))))))))))))))

i do like 20 billion ohcs a day. an ohc is a "one hour competition" where u gotta make a songong in 1 hour or less, i sometimes post them (like maybe <5% of them) here, but i post a lot more of them on my sound clop. i don't remember to enable mp3 downloads on everything so if u want that on a song that i forgot to enable and u can always ask for module source ;). my music will always be free because i believe in free music for all and i'm never setting up donations since i don't buy other people's music either!

here are some other links of where my songongs can be located:
http://s3m.it/search u can search "goluigi" here....
http://compo.toastyx.net/search.php?q=goluigi (s3m.it archive that doesn't get updated enough wow)

one day i will make a website that streamlines all these linx ;)

if u wanna chat on irc, im golgi on irc.esper.net idling in #modulez [or #monsquaz or #botb or #urmom or #dusthillguy so stop by if u want i guess wowowowowowowowowowow]. if my nick is golgi_with_a_bunch_of_words_after_it (obv some other words than this example), that means i'm away but you can still msg me ur clopfix or whatever and i will respond maybe when i get on ;)))))

just in case i dont update this in like FOREVER, this description is up to date since 29 april 2014.

"PENIS FOREVER!!! !!! !!!" -dusthillguy
[09:26:31] <@dusthillguy> I find it very triggering if you don't COCK PENIS to the maximum every day

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From: Midori Mizuno
12:38 on 13th February 2018
Midori Mizuno

Ooops, my water emoji got purged :C

From: Midori Mizuno
12:38 on 13th February 2018
Midori Mizuno

Hello, i herd u liek

From: Alazu
23:44 on 1st March 2015

Hey! By any chance did you help MooT BooXLe
coordinate The "Radioactive Trousers"?

or was that someone else....

From: jintake
14:33 on 17th February 2015

wow mom wow mom wow mom wow

From: Vince Kaichan
02:41 on 20th November 2014
Vince Kaichan

e hello i like ur musiq

From: Brittle the Bumblebee
12:09 on 31st October 2014
Brittle the Bumblebee

ohai dere :3

From: DragShot
15:02 on 10th September 2014

Hey! So you are the one who makes so good IT modules. Well, you have yet another follower now :) .

From: m0d
04:26 on 2nd May 2014

I just popped by to leave a bear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


From: Slimeball
03:46 on 2nd May 2014

wow bubbles ^o^

From: Saga Musix
15:59 on 29th August 2013
Saga Musix


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