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My name is Jeroen. On the internet I'm also known as "Tricky" (on some sites using an old account of mine it may be 'Tricrokra') and on some places "Rachel Peterson".

I'm in the first place a novel writer of Fantasy books called "The Phantasar Chronicles" or in Dutch "De Kronieken van Phantasar". But I've a great love for music and as I befriended an AMIGA freak in the past I have a great love for the old MOD music and that brought me here.

I did make some music myself, but as I'm not such a great artist, I'll leave that to others, so don't expect any uploads from me. But I do know a bit about music so I'd love to voice my opinions here.

I'd love to hear music from many artists, I'm not really for calling a favorite (if you force me to name one, I know it sounds cliche, but I think Purple Motion is the first name that comes to mind, but I like much more artists then just him).

Dutch guys interested in my novels, can find my work on that on Phantasar.nl. I am interested in doing English translations, so if you want me to translate lemme know. If there's enough demand I'll go for it. ;)

See ya guys.

P.S. You can also find me on tumblr

On "Jeroen's Page" (https://trickyjeroenbroks.tumblr.com/) I write blogs about, well, whatever comes to mind, and you can also find updates on my work as a game developer there.

On "Know your classics" (https://trickygameclassics.tumblr.com/) I review old games, which should not be forgotten.

And on "Jeroen's Indie Reviews" (https://jeroensindiereviews.tumblr.com/) I review games created by amateur developers or small game studios.

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