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UPDATE 4/19/14: Soundcloud
I haven't released any modules at all lately.
That's because I've been using Renoise a LOT lately.

You can find my tracks on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/exodus-6

Hi, eXOdus here. Some of you may already know me as "Nelson."

I've been tracking for a few years now. I use the incredible FastTracker II!!!! Last year, I decided to change my name in the music world. At first, I wanted to change it to "Tracker Jacker," inspired by the name of the gigantic, genetically altered insects from Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games. But, one day, I began thinking. Tracker Jacker sounds kind of... well... wrong. As I was sitting in church one day, I thought, what about eXOdus? An exodus is a large movement, the freedom of many people happening at or around the same time, usually of the same race. I want my music to "free" you, in a sense.

When I am not working on school work, I like to track, play video games, read books, and most of all, listen to music. I like to listen to Metal and Rock, but sometimes, I'll listen to Trance, Synthpop, Dubstep, or Drum 'n' Bass. Every blue moon, I'll listen to a rap song or two, but it's usually old-skool :-). My favorite trackers are Elwood, Anvil, and 4-mat, and my favorite module is "Path to Nowhere" (an-path.xm) by Anvil.

I want to be like Anvil and Elwood, and maybe even Darude someday. All of this can become real. But I just have to devote my free time to music and make sacrifices. I am saving up to buy a Prophet 600 or 2000, and when I have enough money, I am of course going to buy it.

My music Achievements:
I have 1 module featured for creativity so far.
My song Saturation (Part 1) won third place in the Sundown 2013 Tracked Music Competition.

What I am doing currently (not today, just currently in general):
Experimenting with different trackers (FT2 (My preferred), MilkyTracker, Impulse Tracker, Adlib Trackers)
Teaching my younger cousin how to track (It's not that easy since I do it through a facetime call)
Playing video games :-----)
Starting a bunch of different songs, and then disliking them; deleting them
Experimenting with Ubuntu
Checking my e-mail and personal messages
Watching videos and tutorials on Youtube
Playing Minecraft

My websites:
The Mod Archive, of course!

-Your's Truly,

P.S.: XO means love!!! You can be the greatest tracker of all time, but if you don't love what you do, then it's all worthless!

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From: eXOdus To: m0d
16:14 on 12th December 2014

m0d: Thanks man

Re: You can turn those links on your profile into clickable ones using the bbcode markup (url=http://)blah(/url) (replace braces with brackets)

From: Drozerix
21:52 on 10th May 2014

ok cool cool,, so what kind of tune do you want to do? a chiptune :D or a mixtune? and how many channels? 4, 8, 12? do you want me to start it so you get a feel for it or do you want to start it?

From: Drozerix
08:11 on 7th May 2014

sure thing,, i'm just starting to write back in FT2,, ive been doing a lot of gameboy music and have not had time for a good old fashion xm tune. do you want to do half and half?

From: eXOdus To: m0d
23:12 on 1st May 2014

m0d: Thx I will in a sec

Re: You can turn those links on your profile into clickable ones using the bbcode markup (url=http://)blah(/url) (replace braces with brackets)

From: m0d
02:53 on 28th April 2014

You can turn those links on your profile into clickable ones using the bbcode markup (url=http://)blah(/url) (replace braces with brackets)

From: Drozerix
22:09 on 17th December 2013

Hey eXOdus! Could I have your Email address by chance? Mine is Drozerix@gmail.com

From: eXOdus
02:13 on 6th December 2013

Today, I began working on Saturation (Part II)! I plan to be finished with it before Christmas! It has a slight resemblance to Part I, except I changed the key from Eb minor (Part I) to B minor (End of Part I; music lingo, if you don't know it ya just don't know it). Hopefully, you guys will like it!

From: eXOdus To: modcrave
00:43 on 23rd November 2013

modcrave: Thanks again. I actually joined The Mod Archive when I was 13. I prefer not to say my old artist name, but I changed my name to eXOdus in April of this year.

And the reason my tunes sound so well is because I get a lot of inspiration from other artists, like my favorite trackers, Anvil and Elwood. They are the reason I began tracking. I also get a lot of my samples from their songs :-).

Re: Great tunes man! You make tunes like someone who has been tracking for a while, hard to believe I'm older then you, I thought I was the youngest person on this site. LOL.

From: eXOdus To: modcrave
00:39 on 23rd November 2013

modcrave: Thanks!

Re: your really talented btw.

From: modcrave
20:02 on 22nd November 2013

your really talented btw.

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