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  • i Total Downloads: 28505
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Rich Weeds Nagel was spotlit on:

  • 30th July 2013
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I've been making PC music in one form or another (MIDI sequencing and/or Tracker format) since my first 8086 back in the late 1980's :)

Web Site: www.richnagel.net

Facebook: RFNagel
MOD Archive: Rich Weeds Nagel | Modules
Steam: RichNagel
YouTube: RFNagel

Tracker Tunes: Weeds Tracker Tunes | Mirror
Miscellaneous: A Tribute to "Echoing" (Remix) | A Tribute to "Lars" (Remix)
Tracker Stuff: Weeds Tracker Stuff

WeedsGM3 SoundFont: Weeds General MIDI SoundFont v3.0 | Readme
More SoundFonts: Weeds SoundFonts for AWE/Audigy/SBLive/X-Fi/XMPlay | Mirror
Gravis Patches: 8MBGM and 8MBGSFX Gravis Patch Set v1.3 | Readme

Fast Tracker II: Fast Tracker II and DOSBox Discussion
Tetra Compositor: Tetra Compositor and DOSBox Discussion

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From: Rich Weeds Nagel
04:30 on 6th July 2013
Rich Weeds Nagel

Hello, world!

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