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My name is Bryan. I am 27 years old, from Glasgow (in Scotland, United Kingdom) have been a lurker of this site since 2010, until I decided to sign up.

At the time I joined here, I only made one module and since then, I'm only here just to listen to many modules that are around and make my contributions regarding them. I am pretty open to whatever there is here as long as it sounds good and deserves a download from me. Although, I prefer older modules usually ones from the 90s as I feel they have more of a charm than the contemporary ones but that's just me. That's all really.

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From: tnk
17:49 on 1st May 2018

Hi Bryd0 !

Glad you liked my old module "Galactic journey" (released under my 90's handle "Toal Nkor"), despite the back then unprocessed voice I sampled in...


From: Glejs
16:18 on 5th June 2017

Hello Bryan, just wanted to say thanks for the mini review/rating of my old tune "Star Horizon". So glad you like it so much!

From: Bryd0 To: Beyond
14:25 on 31st July 2016

Beyond: Well they sound familiar, at least to my ears, haha :F

Re: Harmonica, accordion.. what's the difference ;P

From: Beyond
17:44 on 29th June 2016

Harmonica, accordion.. what's the difference ;P

From: Bryd0 To: TRiGGER
17:20 on 1st January 2016

TRiGGER: A bit overdue, but you're welcome. To be honest, I actually forgot that I had commented on your module as it's been that long :P

Re: Thank you very much for the kind comments and review! ^^

20:04 on 14th July 2014

Thank you very much for the kind comments and review! ^^

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