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A music enthusiast from Finland.
from prog to electronic, everything goes.

History of my touch to the electronic sound world:
C64 - love the SID! favourites are Commando, Last Ninja 2 and Ocean loaders.
Amiga - the golden era of game and tracker music! favourite examples: Super Cars 2, Speedball 2, Lotus 2, Lemmings, Lords of the Rising Sun and Lost Patrol just to mention a few.
PC - mostly bbs-era tracker and demo-scene music, too many to mention! some can be found here in my favourites.

Nicks used back in the days were daemon and prowler.
Owned a finnish bbs called (g)raveyard from the 90s to mid 2000, other sysop was phalckon.

Was part of static and bC! demo groups.
Did some ansi and ascii graphics in Blend.
Made some quite shitty tracker music too.

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