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  • 18th March 2014
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Welcome to my little corner of the archives!

I've been around a few years... actually since the 90's. In 1993 I changed my nickname from Zyrax to ArchAngel (inspired by a military unit from the game Master of Magic).

My prime time in the scene was late 90's and early 00's.

Nowadays I mostly fiddle around with some ideas that tend to never be completed into finished tracks.

Among my modules, you will also find some tracks from the old Zyrax era. These ones are my oldest tracks available here.

Feel free to drop me a line, and have fun listening!

PS. If you happen to come across a module made by the artist ICQ, that's also me, before I changed nickname to Zyrax. Those modules are my very first ever relased only to a few BBS in 1991.

PPS. A big thanks to TMA for hosting this service and keeping it alive!

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From: ArchAngel To: Yomaru Kasuga
00:12 on 29th August 2018

Yomaru Kasuga: Heya Yomaru!
Well... I'm not as active as I was in the 90's, but I do some tracking sometimes if I got some spare time (which is very little with family and kids nowadays).
Thanks for reaching out! Take care buddy, and keep listening.


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