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When I discovered the Demoscene by Windows sound remixes on Youtube, browsing files in Jazz Jackrabbit 2 directory and googling it a little, I didn't think it was such deep underground culture as when I speak about demos or modules, nearly nobody in my motherland of Czechia (not a Republic really, the government is intransparent) understands me and I have to explain. I might have knew about it since maybe 2008, but my 1st module was made in 2011. And I said it wasn't good (what else to except from a "Fart Mix") as a song and made something (like 2 CDs of music) in FL Studio instead. Second module was made in 2012 and was a 1st sort-of song, "The Clipping Hell", made to test some FL samples made +60 db. In 2013, 2 Christmas songs ("O Tannenbaum" and "Pásli ovce Valaši") covers were made. A music for a Youtube video, that was never actually made was conducted somewhere between 2012 and 2014. In April 2014 I created my 1st real and original module, "Haru no Niwa", followed rather immediately by "Oriental Safari Sampler". In June, I exported my most song-like things to FLAC and made it available as an album "Soredemo". Subsequently started accounts on SoundCloud, Youtube, Bandcamp and Modarchive to help these things spread a little. Now making music just from time to time if I happen to finish something because school is taking way much time from me I could give to my (girl)friends, fans and music making. I notice I somehow waste it on Facebook, 9gag and Youtube anyway.

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