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Hello. There are many things to say about me, but I'll just write a few of them in the rows below:
-I'm a 16 years old guy, who's lookin' for good music :P
-I live in Romania (East of Europe);
-I like listening to a LOT of music, any genre, but with a kind of a beat (untz-untz or somethin');
-allthough I know how to, I don't like to make music, because I don't have too much time for it;
-the way I listen to music is a bit different: I play a pretty cool game called Need for Madness which has a soundtrack system compatible with ProTracker, FastTracker and ScreamTracker 3 files (that's how I found The Mod Archive xD) and the game can be found at http://www.needformadness.com/.
-I like chess and table tennis :D
-I do not use Facebook;
-applications, sites and games I use: 9gag, The Mod Archive, Need for Madness, Clash of Clans.
And I guess that's all I found useful for you to know about me, if I'll find any new stuff about me, I'll let you folks know.

PS: If any of you are from Romania and want to have a conversation in private, just notice me by leaving a message on my profile page :P

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