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Oh, back in the good ol' days, when I had plenty of time to compose a lot of songs... I didn't really care if anybody else likes them or not, but I liked most of my songs - except the ones I couldn't finish for some reason.

I'm Aron Somodi from Hungary, I'm using the StormChild nick nowadays, but when I started to compose I liked to call myself 'The Mighty Aron Knight' (so shy and humble I know :)), or just TMA Knight. When I went to college, I've changed my moniker to Plastic Rotter, and then to T3RRoRiZT, just because those names seemed to be rough and tough. :)) But in the past 13-14 I like to call myself StormChild, because I like thunderstorms a lot, and I'm not the most uncomplicated person on Earth. ;))

I thought I should preserve my modules for the future, and The Mod Archive seems to be the best place for it - and if anyone likes at least one of them, the better! :))

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From: StormChild To: StormChild
19:19 on 24th November 2018

StormChild: Yay, more than 2.5 years have passed since my latest message...
I'm still alive and 100% fine! :))

Re: I'm still alive and 100% fine! :)) Peace, folks!

From: StormChild
20:43 on 4th April 2016

I'm still alive and 100% fine! :))
Peace, folks!

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