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My name is Joni Kantonen. You can contact me at joni.kantonen@gmail.com. I used the nick Hangover to make tracked metal mods in 98-1999 with Impulse Tracker. In July 99 I changed my nick to Assassin and released more metal mods and experimented a bit with other genres too.

I think one of my last modules was "Abuse", which had my own guitar samples. It's dated 17 Oct, 2001. Soon after that I played a few years of guitar, lost interested in tracked music, and eventually lost interest in guitar playing, too.

Ever since I've had the desire to start making music again and sometimes even downloaded some software, but never took the time to make any tracks again.

That's kinda sad, but life goes on and all that stuff.


I found some of my old modules from here:
(it's not maintained by me)

If that link stops working, I put a copy of the content on Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5dlrd0vwqgcux8q/AAA6YdI90s7NV4wRUP1Vez1ba?dl=0


It's surprising, touching and kinda funny that there is still interest in mods nowadays. I respect the way The Mod Archive is maintained and how piece of history is saved for future generations.

I was very surprised to see that one of my modules Retribution here has been downloaded over 8000 times. Thanks to Twitter user @TheRealDrMcCoy for letting me know about it.

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