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Started tracking in 2016. If you want a track for your game, intro, demo, or whatever, hit me up at yux50000@hotmail.com.

Feel free to use any of my tunes in your game.

Also check out my Ludum Dare page for my games: http://ludumdare.com/compo/author/superdisk

Thanks for checking out my profile.

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From: ModTomIT
14:20 on 27th January 2017

Hi, read your review of my mod "Dwarf Planet Factory". I'm not offended at all, but one of the reasons I make "square wave only" songs is to work with the raw ideas of a musical piece divorced from aesthetics. Anyways, you seemed to have some aesthetic ideas to make the piece more suitable to your ears, so I challenge you to do a remix that improves it to your liking! (Another reason I make square wave only songs is that they're easily adapted to other timbres)

From: fuzion_mixer
03:25 on 2nd December 2016

Thanks for your opinion on my latest track to date.

Regarding the audio clipping...I don't see it happen to me. Might be because you set the "Amp" on 100% or 50%. You might want to set it to 25% for maximum quality.

Just a friend willing to help ;)

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