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Hi there!

Rave669 here!

About me:

I got started in the tracking scene in the late 1980's and early 90's. I had been a fan of mod music files for a few years prior to that point. My good friend Jon (AKA MadMage) and myself had dabbled in the demo scene, and together, we formed a small joint called RYLO that produced a couple games and software demos and distributed them on various Midwestern BBS systems back in the day.

I had a knack for tracking music out of our two-man operation, so the music and sound, as well as the graphic design fell upon me. I got my start using Composer669, hence my handle. Over the years I've used other trackers; ScreamTracker3, Impulse Tracker, Milky Tracker, etc. These days I use OpenMPT mostly (Love the VST support). I've also used other tools like AcidPro, Rebirth, Fruityloops and Ableton, and various MIDI setups over the years, but Tracking is my first love.

These days, I develop software (I'm using unity to develop a VR project currently) as well as being an avid maker, garage mechanic/engineer and 3D modeller. I have a stable of 3D printers and I am part of the Thingiverse community (I post there as Big-E), and I also have a crappy YouTube channel that I barely post to anymore (BigEPinstriing)

Enjoy my tracks; I plan to post some of my older works too, if I can find them!

Looking forward to being a part of this community.

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From: Josephine Lithius
12:17 on 1st January 2023
Josephine Lithius

You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance. (:

Jokes aside, your old 669 cover of "Right Now" by Van Halen was one of the first pieces of module music I ever heard. It inspired me, right alongside Kenny Chow's "Sonic BOoOoOoOom!" (what a coincidence), to get into tracking. I still like your old stuff, and your newer stuff is pretty cool, too!

Take care, and have a fantastic 2023!

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