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  • i Modules in Archive: 11
  • i Overall Member Rating: 7.8 (from 6 comments).
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  • i Total Downloads: 9136
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Hi, I'm Flashira Nakirov.
(That's a pseudonym I made up for myself. I'm not willing to reveal my real name and country info)

I mainly make some abstract wallpapers, which you can see on my Twitter and DeviantArt.
I also occasionally make music, which you can hear on my YouTube channel or on my music site.

Since 2022 I've been screening modules every Monday (or Tuesday if I forget to). I'm now an admin of this site since September 2023.

Feel free to contact me via email. I'll try to be nice and friendly as possible!
(Collaborations are welcome as long as your works are good enough.)

And please remember that tracker music are not just chiptunes and video game styled music. Tracker music can sound like anything you want, since it's sample-based.

Skins for XMPlay that I made:

List of modules I've uploaded.

My Twitter
My DeviantArt
My YouTube
My Newgrounds
My Demoscene Contributions

My Geometry Dash account, in case you play that game: OthestTheAutist (Soon to be renamed)

(Note: If you don't leave clear remix indication, chances are, I may mistake it as your own original song, so please be careful.)

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Last 10 messages:
From: leon du star
13:22 on 28th August 2023
leon du star

Thanks for the review of https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_by_moduleid&query=200416

ps. great wallpapers btw!

14:31 on 19th December 2022

Thanks for the comments on "Moonchild"!

From: _nul
05:36 on 19th June 2020

It ended that early because it was a tracker module version of an original YTPMV someone did. https://youtu.be/YdR9OQ83vtI

From: dawn
22:16 on 3rd December 2019

Only reason i had my xm loop 3 times is because I converted it to wav for somebody and didnt take out the extra loops for the upload here lol

From: Psirius
12:30 on 15th August 2019

Thanks Flashy! Yes, I am a bit weird as you can appreciate. ;)))

From: Psirius
21:57 on 29th April 2019

How do you do Flashy? Discover the rip is not easy... great! That people give him a good slap on the wrist until you can wrap them around your brain. :)))

From: quietforte
07:50 on 20th March 2019

Hey Flashy,

Just wanted to say thanks for checking out my recent work. I'm glad you liked it; hopefully as I continue I'll keep ironing out flaws. Cheers!

From: Kyu S-
22:19 on 2nd January 2019
Kyu S-

I appreciate your comment on my module.
Do keep into account I made this wanting to recreate an experiment I did using only the Sound Recorder in Windows 95 and a desktop mic.
It wasn't the idea to make it sound professional.


From: Flashira To: Psirius
09:46 on 4th October 2018

Psirius: no problem psirius

Re: Again... Thanks Flashy!, for your comment and for having patience to listen...

From: Psirius
07:58 on 4th October 2018

Again... Thanks Flashy!, for your comment and for having patience to listen...

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