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i try to make trance music, most of them end up sounding like shit
just a regular listener on SceneSat Radio -> https://scenesat.com/
(Please listen to SceneSat Radio if you haven't! There may be upcoming shows..)
(Also, the current rotational on SceneSat will be replaced by a new one on a few days)

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From: The Dipper Man
06:31 on 4th April 2018
The Dipper Man

Thank you for your opinion.

I agree that it does repeat during the ending but because it was meant to fade out but limitations forced me to repeat the ending longer then it was meant to.

It was from december so it has some lower quality compared to what i make now so take this song with a grain of salt.

I thank you for your opinion and i await more from people like you :)


From: Psirius
17:20 on 6th March 2018

thanks for your opinion!. it is the first message that I write. still I don't control a lot of the archivemod. thanks, flashynt!

From: Janko Weber
18:34 on 4th February 2018
Janko Weber

I have seen your comment for
Virtual Void (saga_musix_-_virtual_void.mod)

In times to find out what is possible with 4 channels
in tracker tunes you should know...


Kind regards

From: nambona890 To: FlashyYNT
12:54 on 2nd February 2018

FlashyYNT: i get that you're serious, but it still made me laugh

Re: no, seriously

From: FlashyYNT To: nambona890
21:33 on 31st January 2018

nambona890: no, seriously

Re: your review on my s3m legitimately made me lol thanks

From: nambona890
06:22 on 20th January 2018

your review on my s3m legitimately made me lol

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