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How's it going, everyone? This is Clásikū. I'm an adult who is a beginner in tracker music composition, the software I currently use is Impulse Tracker.

My interests in composing music started in 2015, when I downloaded a game coding software for the Nintendo 3DS called SmileBASIC (still available on eShop), the software also allows coding music known as Music Macro Language or MML for short. I was completely limited to making music due to the limitations of the instruments since they do sound almost like crap, but that didn't stop me from creating some music.

I heard about Impulse Tracker in late 2017, and I have been trying to get some music samples for techno music.

My first song ever composed (without using other IT module instruments) is called "The CS Party Beat (Feat. cs188)". It was a song made for cs188,a YouTuber popular in the YTP (YouTube Poop) community. The result of the song was decent but at least that's where I began.

E-mail: ClassicGaminer2014@Gmail.com
Discord: CGM#4809(Was Clásikū#2397)
DeviantArt: ClassicGaminer
Instagram: clasiku2019
SoundCloud: Clasiku
YouTube: Clásikū

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