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Hello. I am but a humble beginner in tracker music. In fact, i use pixitracker and beatonal to make my music.

I had been trying to find the perfect software to make music and pixitracker for android was the place to go.

I try my best making quality songs but most of the time, my creativity gets distracted by real life events so song production can get real sluggish sometimes but i try hard and it looks like it pays off.

Thank you for listening to my music fellow listeners.

More on the way soon...

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From: The Dipper Man To: Yomaru Kasuga
07:29 on 7th April 2018
The Dipper Man

Yomaru Kasuga: Thank you very much for saying all of that! I appreciate all and every comments and messages. I will keep it in mind for a long time!

Happy Tracking! -DPM


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