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Just another dude who likes to muck around with trackers. I don't really know what to say at this point. I make songs, I upload them, they get downloaded but no one ever leaves a comment or anything. If you decide to listen to/download my song, please leave your harshest critique in the comments. I am trying to find new ways to improve my music and any outside opinions are much appreciated

I also have a soundcloud, feel free to check it out. I'm not gonna link it because I'm not sure how the moderators feel about putting links in bios so if you're interested just search "PanBat" in the soundcloud search. It'll be the profile with the moderately edited picture of a noose. Can't miss it. I'm also on spotify. Ditto soundcloud for spotify

I am also on youtube. My current channel is basically dead since I can't find a way to upload my songs without youtube absolutely wrecking the audio quality. However, my recent speedcore songs have been uploaded onto Speedcore Network's channel

Thank you, and have a nice day
: ^)

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From: Builden
01:52 on 5th November 2018

Hello hello sir.
I like your music a lot.
I hope you post more.

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