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DJ_N3cr0_Fad3r of F3ar_1s_A_Pr1s0n

Trained as an audio engineer at Ayr College and UWS University in Scotland.

Born 1975, Scotland. First used ProTracker and OctaMED on the Amiga 500 in 1990.

Trackers: FastTracker, SkaleTracker, ProTracker, MilkyTracker and OpenMTP.

Daws: Reaper, Pro Tools, Cubase Nuendo.

Operating Systems: Linux, Aros, Windows, Amiga OS 1.3 and OS 3.

Musical Projects: Fear Is A Prison, Wolf 359, The MOONSTRUCK Project, Popping 666 Cherries.

Some Other Interests: 8 Bit Computers, Political Activism, ASCII Art, The Demoscene, Space Exploration and Horror + SciFi + Fantasy Movies.

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