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I was Cyborg of the Cyberspace Fundis, a small SA demo group.. and below is the .nfo file we distributed with all our stuff:

Index Of This Document
1. About CyberSpace Fundis
2. Where To Get Products From
3. New BBS Info
4. All The Products from CyberSpace Fundis
5. CyberSpace Fundis's Members
6. Future Products
7. About The Members Of CyberSpace Fundis
8. Christmas Greetings And Messages

1. About CyberSpace Fundis

Well we are one of the Millions of DEMO groups in South Africa, but a little
better know than some others which I don't remember the names, but not as
well know as Guru Magic, ATOMiC WARLOCKS, and HAi, to name a few. But hell we
were in that Insidious Mag so we MUST BE KNOWN?!?!?! Oh well enough of this,
lemme tell you who I am, I am a Musician / Coder (learning (know how to do
some things)). I joined this group as the BBS Co-Ordinator and as Distributer
to some special places. I also answer all problems you may find with our
software. No I am NOT White Panther but I do Co-SysOp the Clan Of The Claw
BBS. Enough of me next is Cyborg...

Cyborg... Known as the quite one in the group ( cause he has no MODEM :( ).
No problem he gets one once in a while :).... He is a brilliant Coder, good
guy, and everything good.

Psyclo... Another Coder. Gone with the wind and is in Europe somewhere. Hope
he gets back alive.

Inferno... I don't know much about him all I know he is our GFX artist.

ShadowMan... fellow Musician. He is into techno and grunge and Alternative
Rock. Whatever is good to listen to. All his stff so far I have seen has been

2. Where To Get Products From

All our products ever released can be found on these cool BBS's!

BBS Name Time Phone Number
-------- ---- ------------
Clan Of The Claw BBS Ah 21:00 - 06:00 (011) 622-8160
CyberSpace BBS AH 21:00 - 06:00 (016) 76-9643
ShockWave BBS AH 21:00 - 06:00 (011) 888-3791
LeClub BBS #14 24Hrs (011) 805-1168

Note - CyberSpace BBS is the World Headquerters of CyberSpace Fundis.
All the products is on CyberSpace BBS.
Clan Of The Claw BBS is the HQ of the CyberSpace Fundis

4. All The Products from CyberSpace Fundis

Here are the following products from CyberSpace Fundis

FileName Size Description
-------- ---- -----------
3DVECED.ZIP 35,425 A mouse driven Vector Editor Beta Version
CYBPC.ZIP 16,194 Cool Pictures By Inferno
MOREINFO.ZIP 4,664 A help file about the vector editor + examples
CF2ART.ZIP 91,574 Cool Pictures By Inferno
CF3ART.ZIP 172,471 Cool Pictures By Inferno
TCITY.ARJ 348,261 Cool 4 Channel Scream Tracker Song By Shadowman
DIMENSIA.ZIP 221,329 Cool 4 Channel Scream Tracker Song By Shadowman
TRIPTEC.ZIP 83,228 Cool 4 Channel Scream Tracker Song By Shadowman
UNITECH.ZIP 40,339 Cool 4 Channel Scream Tracker Song By Shadowman
C00L.ZIP 41,320 Cool Pictures By Inferno
CFNEWS.ZIP 3,784 News And Bulletins About CyberSpace Fundis
FERNO.ZIP 24,861 Cool Pictures Inferno
SPCAR.ZIP 58,738 Cool Pictures Inferno
CLANBBS.ZIP 108,823 Music For Clan Of The Claw BBS Intro Demo by MadMax

5. CyberSpace Fundis's Members

The members of the CyberSpace Fundis and what they do

Realname Handle Duty
-------- ------ ----
[redacted] Psycho Coder and Grafix Artist
[redacted] Cyborg Coder
[redacted] Shadowman Musician
[redacted] Inferno Grafix Artist
[redacted] MadMax BBS Co-Ordinator & Musician

6. Future Products
In the future we hope to make a game or two and write our own music system!
But so far making demos, grafix, programs, and music is what we are making!
At the moment Mark and Ashley is teaching themselves Assembler and with a
lot of learning and so on, we will get to make games using our music system,
that's why the music system is much more important than the games!
Our new vector editor will be out soon, and it includes shading and solid
vectors not wireframe!

7. About The Members Of CyberSpace Fundis

Here is the stats of our members!

Name Age Duty
---- --- ----
[redacted, sorry, but we were all 16 at the time]

I am the Eldest In the group (hipeeeeee) NOT. I am turning 17 before them
all, meaning I will die before all of them :(, But who cares!!!

8. Greetings And Messages
Greets goes to......

Psycho / Cyberspace Fundis Cyborg / CyberSpace Fundis
Inferno / CyberSpace Fundis ShadowMan /CyberSpace Fundis
White Panther / Clan Member Corpse / Ultraviolet
Black Tiger / Clan Member LyNX / Clan Member
Mickill / Clan Member Toxic Tiger / Clan Member
RiOT / ATOMiC Warlocks I don't know your name dude but hello anywaz
Shadow of ATOMiC WARLOCKS (Don't Know Your New Name)

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From: Saga Musix
21:27 on 11th March 2019
Saga Musix

Hey, regarding your question on Telescope(No Vocals), it is based on the melody from Mike Oldfield - Saved By A Bell, of which a vocal sample was heavily remixed by various mod artists around the year 2000, e.g. Milkyways (Won't you or *Telescope* (you can find more by searching for "telescope" on TMA).

From: Robert Eight
13:46 on 11th July 2018
Robert Eight

Yay, someone else made a site like this so I don't have to. Uploaded 42k.mod by Foxx of freelance which I could not find anywhere on here. Let me know if you like it.

I will go through my limited collection and upload any that I cant find.. (searching my instrument text mainly seems to give the best results)

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