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Yello all and welcome to my side of the woods, where all songs are treated as pretty, stunning, and easy to come by.

Please take note, I do not upload much on a daily basis because I am still starting out anew in this targeted field. Modules may take from 2 days to a year (yes, a year) depending on circumstances and such, as I am busy doing a lot of things for a lot of people.

Whoever has a Discord should be able to reach me by typing into their DM's "Yalek W #5435". Note: This is only for music purposes and related such.

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From: Yalek W
05:49 on 8th December 2019
Yalek W

Current oopdate status: My apologies if I have not been here in over a year, I have been busy with life. Work, Discord, etc. Chores. You get the picture.

From: Yalek W
21:38 on 1st February 2019
Yalek W

I dont know what the hell happened to the naming convention here but it was a LOT more freedom friendly when I was here last.

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