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¡Hello! I'm a young man who makes cheats for videogames ^^. First I will be brief about what did I register for.
I registered here to let unknown artists to know the many their music worth =D
Actually, mainstream music is not bad, the only issue is that commercial media spread it almost as spam. Some times ago, I used to comment what crossed in my mind, but after that I decided to be more implicit, so I don't get misunderstood by people.
I was changing the way I see the things for good, with the pass of times U^_^)

Well, let's goto the point:
I always loved different music than common ones, since I always found common music as bored. A typical example is the videogame music. It was always unique, to be honest.

A featured life experience from my childhood is the music I use to dream of. I used to dream of very experimental music, with dynamic melodies repeating each 'pattern' (for example, the music "vammatun" of beaTHawk), or once in early ~2006, when in the last part of a dream, I was watching the clear sky in noon & I listened a tune too similar to "trainer1" by Estrayk/PaRaDoX.

I see here is a LOT of different music styles created by lots of great common people in the world =D. That's the main reason I'm use this website to download music.

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From: Beathawk
10:54 on 8th May 2023

Hello, sorry for not answering earlier..I have not been that active here, eventhough I have uploaded some new mods "recently" so who knows maybe getting active again.
Thanks for nice comment. :)

From: DiR3C7_H4CK To: Drozerix
02:55 on 16th January 2020

Drozerix: Yuo're welcome ^^

Re: Thanks for the comment! :D

From: Drozerix
20:42 on 9th June 2019

Thanks for the comment! :D

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