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Hello people!
I love acid!
I own an Amiga 1200, 600 and a 500 but I'd rather use my computer to and use OpenMPT to compose these modules because they have better tools especially for the kinda shit that I do.
Thank you all for your positive vibes and your comments regarding my shit you know?
peace out!
Amiga 4 Ever.
I'm very passionate and I'm totally in love with my Amiga 600 :)
I love the underground because we can be who we really are and there's none of that fuckin' commercial ''faking'' who you are shit you know?

4-8 Channel Mod Amiga Style Composer (so far , don't think i'll extend more).

If you wanna listen to my ''commercial pro stuff'' where I use the real gear and my Amiga with music-x to produce Goa-Trance check out:

but at the moment I don't give two shits about it because most people tend to be arseholes plus they're all fuckin'brainwashed by other fuckin' record labels so I don't care about it anymore because they don't deserve it.

update: i've been switching between platforms , so if you want to hear my ''pro'' stuff check Travelinni if you want to hear my more techno, acidic stuff check my mods, i don't like to keep repeating the same kinda thing over and over again especially when you complete a song.
I enjoy making music and I want to keep it that way.
Not to become a chore or a ''job'' per se.

one love to all demoscene/tracker composers.

fuck all.

Most tracker composers tend to do jingle kinda shit funky chiptune whatever game shit trax but I rather bang on, fuck all them jingly pop shite.

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From: Modmen
23:52 on 17th April 2019

303 profile views!

From: Modmen
20:36 on 15th April 2019

Thanks everyone for your love as i love a lot of this lo-fi amiga stuff!
one love 2 you all
i shall keep on trakkin' :)
peace out

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