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Hello. My name is Edward and I've been a casual passerby for more than 5 years and a half I think, so naturally, seeing as I stuck around since 2014, I finally decided to join the community so I can share some of my thoughts regarding the works of all the artists and songs I came across these past several years.

Before you ask... My nickname is supposed to be a direct reference towards the variety of music genres I got accustomed with ever since I grew ears, although I've always kept an open mind and welcomed every single genre in my heart, hence why I decided to call myself VariahTea (among other reasons). If I were to be much more specific, all the top genres I am into ought to be Electronic (almost all kinds), Metal (general), Rock (all kinds), Pop (synth), Trance (almost all kinds), Disco, Funk, Piano, Chiptune, Jazz and last but not least, Hip-Hop. However, I have never really been a fan of modern/everyday music, and that's probably why I always stuck with The Mod Archive and Exotica instead...

Been introduced to modules through a game that I grew up with (way back in 2011) and now I'm still playing it with my friends once in a while. Likewise, I dabble in music every now and then, with OpenMPT (for remixing and exporting) and XMPlay (for listening), but because of my below-mediocre skills I am only able to remix the works of others as I lack the ambition and drive to get serious and compose songs of my own from scratch, so the results are not quite worthy of acknowledgement. I still have a ways to go when it comes to the technical aspects, which is why I don't own any modules as of yet.

As for my ratings & reviews... I am always striving to be as objective as possible, in a professional kind of way. I don't know why I felt like contributing all of a sudden, but seeing how the works of others inspired/encouraged me to get into music, it's only natural to do the same, because, music is not just about my taste, it's about everyone else's too.

Here's to a prosperous artistic development!

09/04/2020 Update: Been inactive for quite a while, but now I'm back to my usual reviewing.

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From: Psirius
18:06 on 8th September 2020

I agree with govatsadapam... Otherwise, welcome back. ;)

From: VariahTea To: adkd
17:00 on 17th February 2020

adkd: Haha, thanks!

Re: Kudos for the well written profile

From: adkd
18:29 on 16th February 2020

Kudos for the well written profile

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