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dracos / gdr
dracos / dragonlords
dracos / dice
dracos / the dark brotherhood
dracos / dizzy records
dracos / lte
dracos / renegades
dracos / usf
dracos / project ax
project ax (co-ops with maxwell)

composer / mod tracker from finland
active with mod/s3m/it from about 1992 to about 1999. last tracker tune 2002.

started with typical scene music, then moving on to techno, rave, acid, hardcore, happy hardcore and everything in between with the last pieces.

nowadays lead singer/songwriter in a rock band and a psychobilly band, plus running two tech companies for a living.

brief side notes for your amusement (wonder if anyone reads these?)

back then i was likely the last guy to finish a mod for any compo, usually last minute before submissions, a bit drunk and on someone's borrowed computer at the party. so there's about two hundred "never finished" tunes with about 50 released, out of which in reality about half are even halfway done. so treat them as such. think i also released about 20 cover 'tracked mods' ranging anything from metallica to the muppets show theme...

ended up doing a lot of short tunes for 64k intros, demos and loaders (incl a dozen chips) for different groups back then plus about a dozen background and/or short few pattern soundbits for local commercials and exhibit animations. the ones i still own were released with the handle "dracos" in some groups, musicdisks or just bbs uploads.

uploaded what I have left for your listening "pleasure", likely the best ones can be found in Impulse Tracker format, try the older ones at your own risk. really i've been having a good laugh reading the sample notes on these mods - keeping in mind i was 13-14 years old at the time I started... ;)

old mates from scene, don't be afraid to throw me a note - might be fun to catch-up, i'm bringing the whiskey.

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