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Hello, I am a relatively new individual when it comes to tracker music.

I've primarily had my beginnings in covering/transcribing preexisting music into Impulse Tracker format modules for the purposes of importing into games such as Unreal/Unreal Tournament or other games that use tracker modules for music.

I am somewhat of a composer though, I do rarely make original music.

Anything I create I usually record a video of and upload it to YouTube everything is created in the original Impulse Tracker by Jeffrey Lim.(Due to recent events in 2023, I've abandoned YouTube for dust. I have also migrated to using Schism Tracker.)

Most of what I make does not use Instrument Control, only Sample Control. I tend to work in very stringent limitations despite the many features offered in IT.EXE and also OpenMPT.

I sometimes stream on Twitch but, because of how I work in music I will never stream myself working on music. Nobody should suffer through watching me painfully fumble around.

I hope what I make is enjoyable and acceptable.

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