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abandoned account.

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From: dj floppa
19:49 on 9th June 2021
dj floppa

btw gotdf stands for get on the dance floor :D

From: dj floppa
00:45 on 4th May 2021
dj floppa

Hi. Dj. Floppar here, I was hoping this wasn't a topic I would have to cover but here we are. If you are ever trying to steal my, or anyones modules, just don't do it. It is a surefire way of getting banned and is a VERY dumb thing to do.

From: dj floppa
22:31 on 27th April 2021
dj floppa

woot woot got rid of old cring pfp

From: dj floppa
05:37 on 19th April 2021
dj floppa

please ignore my old modules they are trash and i wish i could take them down

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