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Based in Melbourne Australia I started making music around 1993. I have used many tools over the years but started with Noisetracker on the Amiga 500 & Screamtracker 2 on the PC. As the years progressed I moved through the newer versions of trackers and software collecting lots of interesting hardware along the way and meeting some great people. I currently use a select handful of analogue hardware and VSTs in FL Studio and have been making music this way almost exclusively since the late 90s. I hope to upload all my early modules to this archive for others to enjoy as I enjoyed making them all those decades ago, modern tools like OpenMPT have made it quite easy for me to optimise my modules before uploading them (removal of unused samples, instruments, patterns) is a great help as some of my projects were very big containing more than one "track" in each. You can reach me via the normal social media platforms by looking for Alpharisc.


Shane Yates

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From: Saga Musix
15:54 on 26th December 2021
Saga Musix

Good to hear that you could fix it. If you find more such bugs in OpenMPT/Schism/XMPlay it would be great if you could report them so that they will be fixed in subsequent releases. All three programs are actively developed. Thanks :)

From: Alpharisc To: Saga Musix
02:59 on 26th December 2021

Saga Musix: Hi Saga!

I removed the panning envelope I had on the Juno-106 bell type sound before releasing this onto the site after I noticed it would just pan the sound to the left in XM Play, no issues in Schism or OpenMPT. Once I removed the panning envelope all was well. I did however notice that if you play a note with a panning value, releasing the note (with note off) would reset the panning position to centre but that actually seems like normal behavior even in Impulse Tracker. Thanks for reaching out, I have quite a lot more MODs to upload over the coming weeks, just hard to get time at the moment :)



Re: Hey there! Could you point out where approximately the panning in 4-sync is wrong in Schism / OpenMPT?

From: Saga Musix
23:10 on 16th December 2021
Saga Musix

Hey there! Could you point out where approximately the panning in 4-sync is wrong in Schism / OpenMPT?

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