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Hello, My username is Ran and I am an amateur artist.
I began using milky tracker in 2019 and I am still using trackers in 2024!
I wanted to learn how to make music for the games and videos that I would make.
I like feed back, constructive or not if it's legitimate I like it!
Many old (ITD, ISL)songs are unfinished, due to a mixture of being unsure on how to keep making the song!

I usually write in the .XM but now the use of Furnace tracker modules .fur has become more present than .XMs
I have taken many samples from Amiga musicians from the 80's and 90's, so beware!
I also modify and create some samples too!

Some of the musicians I like:
Romeo Knight, Blaizer, Follin Brothers! 4mat, Kulor
cTrix, Gin ,PilotRedSun/PilotRedSky, Shnabubula,
Yes, ELP, and many Amiga authors that just seem to have 1 Goated song then disappear!

Friends with VIRAXOR!!!

The Biggest!
The Baddest!
The Loudest!
The Fattest!
The (un)Original!

I have alot of music collected from July 2023 though January 2024, what bothers me the most, is that many of them are unfinished!

But some of them are done, so what should I do!?

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