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Also Known As: B00MER (Kosmic Free Music Foundation), 2tryp2, messiah (Relic), bliss productions.

Demoscene artist with Kosmic (KFMF) for 2 of their demos Flight and Dreams. YouTube gaming streamer nooblets uses a loop of mine (with permission) in his intro.

3 albums released, 2 through Kosmic's Area51 records. A Future album that was planned & almost completely done was lost to a Harddisk crash; ultimately discouraging producing & the Demoscene for a decade. Currently an EP is being planned after the hiatus.

~1994 Paranoia (independent/cassette)
~1996 Negative Youth (independent/CD)
~1997 Anonymous.hate (Area51 records)

Grew up on a PC starting in 1991 at age 11; BBS/ANSi influenced finding Vector Demo & Tetra Compositor from Ultraforce. Instantly hooked and mesmerized by other Demoscene works such as Future Crew, Renaissance, Haujob, EMF, Orange, etc. Eventually moving into the interwebz of today via PPP shell account & finding IRC with others in the scene on #trax/efnet. Becoming a member of Kosmic around 1995+ gaining more listeners via their releases as one of the very first netlabels.

Trackers used: Scream Tracker, Fast Tracker 2, & Impulse Tracker. Briefly with Farandole (.far), multitracker (.mtm), Jeskola Buzz, modplug, etc. These days ReNoise is my main DAW/tracker of choice.

Other more mainstream music influences: Prodigy (molotov.bliss is derived from one of their lesser known tracks "molotov bitch"), NiN, Rhys Fulber, DJ Shadow, Autechre, Skinny puppy, Boards of Canada, lastly & importantly: the Drum and Bass/Jungle scene, DFW KDGE's edge club radio show with Jeff K!

"It's what I grew up doing, it's a part of my... the fabric of what I do. And even if I am the last person out there doing it. It's not... It's a quiet pursuit, it's personal pursuit, and it's something that, helps me get up in the morning." --DJ Shadow

"Art is never finished, only abandoned."

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