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HI, it's DJ Spike. I've being tracking/music producing for about 25 long years ago around when I was fourteen, staring off with a 486dx 2/66 running Fast Tracker 2. My styles are predominantly edm (electronic dance music) with a leaning more or less to trance. I was a member of the original tis (traxinspace) way back in the late 90's to the early 2000's

I've observed my track "Funky Ass Shit" has being uploaded here, that track won me first place in some compo back in 1998, long forgotten which one however. It is my intention to upload most if not all of my music from that era, that was originally uploaded to tis and more that was never publicly released online. Expect the real early stuff to be little less polished than the later stuff, I was only just learning after all.

So sit back and enjoy the music!

Peace Love Unity Respect

DJ Spike

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