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My name is Richard Horvath. I live in Hungary. I started composing music on the Commodore 64 while in secondary school around 1989. We got a lot of inspiration from Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway, Reyn Ouwehand, Ben Dalglish, Chris Hülsbeck and all the other prominent musicians who were older than us and had the tremendous opportunity to compose music for some of those unforgettable games we all knew and loved on the Commodore 64. I was one of the founding members of a demogroup called Graffity. Brian of Graffity put together a special music editor that enabled us to experiment with various instruments. The first such editor was called the Game Music Creator (GMC) and later the Demo Music Creator (DMC) was created and released. Initially I used the handle "Matrix of Graffity" for the tunes. After leaving Graffity I joined another group called "Gentlemen" so I continued as Matrix of Gentlemen still on the Commodore 64. On the Amiga we became the demogroup Dolby C (Don't ask me why - maybe it sounded cool at that age), so you might have seen music by Matrix of Dolby C as well from me.
Today in 2022 I am 49 years old. The music I am uploading here was written by my younger self in 1991-1996 on a Commodore Amiga 500 and later an Amiga 1200. After a couple of years when the multimedia features of the PC reached a certain maturity level I switched to the PC with the Gravis Ultrasound Max Soundcard. I experimented a lot with samples in those years. With the limitations of 4 channels on the Amiga I tried to write some pieces in the movie soundtrack style. Then again the 4 channels that we see as limitations today meant a great opportunity at the time - a possibility to experiment with various instruments and create music like never before.
Now I am returning to the scene after a 26 years long hiatus and will re-release some of the better ones rearranged for modern instruments. We will see how it goes. My day job is completely different and is not related to music. So music remained as a hobby for me.
But the first task is to find and sort all the old tunes made over 26 years ago so nothing is lost. Listening to all these tunes makes me wonder: Some of them are really great and full of ideas while others seem quite average. Then again, who am I to judge! My younger self was full of passion and musical ideas. I hope that some of you will like what I have created in those years. Let me know in your comments which are the ones that are able to stand the test of time. Take care and enjoy the music - whatever type you like the most! :)

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