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  • 25th September 2023
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*this blurb is merely a temporary placeholder (probably?)*

I am Spoz
I did the "tracker" thing from 1997 to 2005 (or thereabouts)
my equipment of choice was a busted 'ol Pentium II desktop (with a keyboard missing the "F6" key) running FastTracker 2.08, SoundBlaster Live, numerous sounds tweaked/reworked via Rebirth, Reason, numerous other (long forgotten) softsynths, and Soundforge.

I was never properly musically trained,
I wouldn't even consider myself a super-sophisticated tracker,
but I DID love mashing sounds together in super crunchy-weird ways.

I also played live under the name "Subwoofer".

Influenced (back in the day) by the likes of The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails, Aphex Twin, Massive Attack, Leftfield, Underworld, Radiohead - Kid A, etc, etc.

All 27 songs I've uploaded (from 2000 to 2005, with the odd edit update) can also be found in MP3/FLAC/other formats via my bandcamp - spoz.bandcamp.com/

All songs uploaded in MO3 format (LAME VBR encoded) from the original masters.
^ advance warning: some of those "masters" might be a bit... sketchy?
(I do remember going slightly insane for a few weeks in mid 2004 figuring out how to EQ/master/compress things... and might have done it all wrong in some songs hahaha)

*also there's probably a few of my tunes floating around on scene.org, modland, etc

I haven't produced anything since 2005, but I am still RIDICULOUSLY active in the local Adelaide scene as a live music photojournalist for the past 20 years.

You can find all THAT nonsense here - http://spoz.blogspot.com/

Thank you!
and please enjoy :)

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