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I am Virtua Point Zero aka Ben Kay. I've previously had some commercial releases as part of Digital Breaks Foundation (breaks) and The Sect (drum and bass). But that chapter is over.

I first made sound come out of a computer in the early 90s using Octamed on an Amiga 500, which I loved at the time. But then moved onto Cubase on Atari ST, then Cubase on PC, where I stayed for 20 years.

After a 6 year break from music, and possibly as part of an underlying mid life crisis, I bought an Amiga 1200 again, and in 2022 started tracking once more.

I converted to ProTracker after being inspired by MOD producers of the 90s and the modern day.

Now I'm trying to push things as far as I can to see if I can produce MODs somewhere approaching the quality of the legends I've been following and learning from.

I really hope you enjoy my music, but if you don't, that's ok, I'm having an awesome time anyway!

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From: analogmoz
00:00 on 20th May 2023

I somewhat feel like I'm watching the beginning of something great.

From: Breakbob
18:54 on 21st April 2023

Wicked tune Ben Kay! This punching quality for the mod tune, i hope you will make some more in this style and share here, i love breaks and retro chip combo, works well. Im glad to hear you were on Position Chrome and Freak Recordings as The Sect, wicked labels to have tunes on. Big Up from big fan!

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