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From: Dawud Madmaze
16:31 on 27th July 2022
Dawud Madmaze

Hi LHS, is when you are going to put the Loopy Loop music ?

From: CrazyPencilDawg
18:46 on 23rd July 2022

can you post reloaded installer #11? (lhs_rld11.xm)

From: Zejoant
21:05 on 16th February 2022

hey i love your music. I dont know what it is really, but i like the pixel art icon in the background of you youtube videos, so i decided to remake it so it followed the pixel grid.

From: murmurr
03:35 on 27th January 2021

I've honestly just made an account for the sole purpose of asking for the xm of reloaded 12.

It is somewhat different from your usual style, but it works so well that it is almost the chip I listen to most often.

From: verymystic
18:35 on 12th November 2020

Yo, do you mind putting up lhs_rld12.xm? Its a really good song.

From: Ahmet Aydın
18:37 on 23rd September 2020
Ahmet Aydın

Hi LHSchiptunes I'm AhmetAydınTM

From: Jason Ee
15:50 on 21st April 2020
Jason Ee

I look forward to seeing the next time you post on Modarchive. You are amazing!

From: xAsh
07:39 on 14th June 2019

you're awesome dude

From: superpes
18:38 on 13th April 2017

Hi LHS, I'm from Italy.
I falled in love with your songs..... Especially I love RLD 11, it's really a masterpiece. How did you think to compose it??? You are a genius, thank for your chiptunes... You are the best!!!!

From: nvana
21:55 on 11th November 2016

Hello LHS,

Could you post lhs_rld10.xm for us please ? Love to play your XM mods on my Amiga 4000 :-)


From: kxmp
04:26 on 25th March 2016

Hope you post rld11, it's my favorite track :)

From: gaztech
11:19 on 27th August 2015

Hey, has ne1 got rld10? heard it once n the bloody tune is stuck in my head???

From: Viorel Boboc
08:22 on 1st May 2015
Viorel Boboc

Reloaded Installer music are just awesome.Hope you will post Rld Installer 10:)

From: Greg
21:18 on 22nd March 2014

Hello, I would like to use couple of your songs for my game Arkanoid, how can i contact you to talk about this.

From: Dark Rat
15:17 on 8th June 2013
Dark Rat

It's awesome you are uploading your tunes here, thank you! downloading right away (:

From: Drozerix
02:54 on 19th August 2012

hey man i love your tunes! how did you get so good at making them?

From: Borgert
18:03 on 10th February 2012

You rock!

From: Dark Rat
06:54 on 19th September 2011
Dark Rat

Nice to see you here, your music rocks :D

From: MunnenDrns
21:54 on 4th September 2011

upload more music plz! :)

From: MunnenDrns
17:57 on 29th August 2011

Hej, ville bara säga att du är bäst i världen :)