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From: Yomaru Kasuga
02:31 on 16th August 2018
Yomaru Kasuga

Uberphawx, I'm terribly sorry about this, and I will don't want to do it anything to commenting the modules with wrong English again carelessly from now on. Hmm.. I hope that when I'm going to study harder, and reviewed my lessons for more activities in school, and I read my own guide with the Holy Bible. So, I will now stop comment your modules again to prevent on it, and i'll never do this again, I promised and please forgive me.

From: Yomaru Kasuga
06:11 on 16th July 2018
Yomaru Kasuga

Friendships, If you having a dreams to excite yourself,
please join me the Yomarumon Dreams' Discord ChatServer.
Because there a lots of stuff like special trends and the latest songs from Originals and Covers.
If you like it, here's the link:

Yomarumon Dreams

And contact me at:
Discord Server:

I hope you see you soon, kiddos!
More stuffs, coming soon!

From: Yomaru Kasuga
05:29 on 1st July 2018
Yomaru Kasuga

You're the good tracking modules instead of chatting discord app server. So, how did you noticed if you won't forget?

From: terminalhk
20:45 on 21st April 2016

Very first track I've listened to on the Archive. (How did I not know this was here!?) Good stuff!